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Oocyte vitrification

One's own egg vitrification/cryopreservation in order to make them available for future pregnancies.

Type of patient

Woman between 18-35 years of age who wants to have guarantees that when she wants to be a mother she will have her eggs in their best condition. To be considered before starting potentially gonadotoxic treatments or any procedure that may later affect the woman's fertile capacity.

Price at IMF Easyfiv £2.218*

*The price of the treatment is 2.600€ and it will be charged in Euros according to the currency exchange rate applied by the bank on the day of the transaction. 

We can finance your treatment up to 24 months Contact us!

How it works

Being respectful with woman's natural cycle and using mild stimulation, if possible, the woman's eggs are retrieved through follicular aspiration. This process is carried out under vaginal ultrasound guidance by the gynecologist who decides the best time, just before ovulation. 

Retrieved eggs are vitrified in order to preserve and storage them efficiently in our banks. Woman can use them later whe she decides to start a family.

What price includes

  • Every monitoring ultrasound required during ovarian stimulation
  • Follicular puncture performed in theatre under sedation to carry out egg retrieval
  • Non fertilized cryopreserved eggs storage (5 years included)

Preserve your fertility with your friends for a special price

If you trust your friends to tell them everything, why not explain to them that maybe you don´t want to become a mother yet? Many women want to postpone motherhood because they feel that the time has not yet come or because they have other priorities. This is normal, because we ALL have the right to decide when and how we want to become mothers. At EasyFIV we want to help you to postpone your maternity and, moreover, we want you to be able to do it together with people who are important to you.

As well as being able to share this procedure with your most trusted friends and have your mutual support, you can also enjoy a special price. Why? Because by doing the treatment together on the same day, we safe on staff costs, operating theatre costs and laboratory costs. You pay less and we help you preserve your maternity for when the time is right.

Ready to take the plunge? Come with your friends to our fertility clinic to freeze your eggs and be able to use them later in their best fertile state, and you will have a better price on this treatment.

  • Oocyte vitrification for 2 people: 2.310 € / pp
  • Oocyte vitrification for 3 people: 2.110 € / pp
  • Oocyte vitrification for 4 people: 2.010 € / pp
  • Oocyte vitrification for 5 people: 1.910€ / pp.

The price includes the vitrification treatment and the custody of the eggs for 5years. Request your first free appointment and find out more!

Translation service included in the price.
You will always feel accompanied
We explain in detail what it is included in each treatment to avoid surprises.

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We will be pleased to attend you. Send us your enquiries and we try to resolve them as soon as possible.

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