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Embryo donation

Embryo donation consists of transferring to the patient embryos that have been donated by their biological parents. These embryos come from couples who have decided to donate them after undergoing assisted reproduction treatment. After preparation of the patient, these embryos are transferred to the recipient woman´s uterus in the hope that they will give rise to a pregnancy.

Type of patient

Woman between 18 and 55 years of age in good physical and mental health.

Price at IMF Easyfiv £2.010*

*The price of the treatment is 2.350€ and it will be charged in Euros according to the currency exchange rate applied by the bank on the day of the transaction. 

We can finance your treatment up to 24 months Contact us!

How it works

An anonymous frozen embryo donated by its biological parents, who are both under 35 years old and have themselves undergone a treatment previously and completed their parental project, is assigned.

The obtained embryo is transferred into the woman's womb through a painless process where usually there is no need for sedation, and after which rest is recomended. The gynecologist introduced the embryo using a soft catheter under ultrasound guidance.

From 10-12 days after the embryo transfer, a blood test can be performed to identify the presence of the Beta-CGH subunit, confirming the diagnosis of pregnancy.

What the price includes

The quote for obtaining a day 5 embryo (blastocyst) is 2.350€ and the treatment includes:

  • Every monitoring ultrasound during endometrial preparation in the real cycle
  • Embryo procurement from our own embryo bank
  • Embryo transfer to recipient woman's uterus
  • Gynecological consultation to confirm your pregnancy
Translation service included in the price.
You will always feel accompanied
We explain in detail what it is included in each treatment to avoid surprises.

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