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Egg donation IVF (Ovodonation)

Egg reception from a suitable and anonymous donor and in vitro fertilization with partner's sperm sample. The embryo/s obtained in the laboratory are transferred to patient´s uterus expecting they will implant and give rise to a pregnancy. Donated eggs may come from our bank or from a fresh donation.

Type of patient

Woman between 18 and 52 years of age in good physical and mental health.

Price at IMF Easyfiv from £3.925*

*The price of the treatment is 4.600€ and it will be charged in Euros according to the currency exchange rate applied by the bank on the day of the transaction.

We can finance your treatment up to 24 months Contact us!

How it works

A group of oocytes is obtained from a compatible anonymous donor with recipient's blood group and phenotype.

Eggs are obtained from physically and mentally healthy women under clinic, analytic and genetic monitoring, without pathological background either genetic or inherited diseases according to  applicable law.

These eggs can be obtained from our own egg banking or by synchronizing your cycle with a chosen egg donor's treatment in a fresh cycle.

When the woman's cycle determines it, the man will be asked to provide a sperm sample by masturbating into a specimen cup usually on the same day the treatment takes place. The sperm sample is processed in order to increase the vigor of the spermatozoa through centrigugation and a technique named swim-up.

Good-quality motile spermatozoon is selected one by one. Afterwards it's directly injected into each egg after immobilization through microinjection (ICSI). Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is carried out in the laboratory and subsequent incubation and monitoring is performed to check that the egg/s have been fertilized correctly, producing developing embryos.

The obtained embryo is transferred into the woman's womb through a painless process where usually there is no need for sedation, and after which rest is recomended. The gynecologist introduces the embryo using a soft catheter under ultrasound guidance.

 From 10-12 days after the embryo transfer, a blood test can be performed to identify the presence of the Beta-CGH subunit, confirming the diagnosis of pregnancy.

What price includes

  • Every monitoring ultrasound during endometrial preparation in the real cycle
  • Egg donor compensation or procurement from our own bank
  • Partner´s sperm examination and processing
  • In vitro fertilization in the lab by intracytoplasmic sperm injection
  • Incubation and embryo culture for a period of 2 or 3 days according to medical indication 
  • Embryo transfer to woman´s uterus
  • Gynecological consultation to confirm pregnancy

Your Ovodonation treatment at a special price

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  • IVF with donor eggs - 6 oocytes: 4.600€. Test cycle and results consultation FREE
  • IVF with donor eggs - 8-10 oocytes: 6.300€. Test cycle and results consultation FREE
  • IVF with donor eggs and sperm - 6 oocytes: 4.990€. Test cycle and results consultation FREE
  • IVF with donor eggs and sperm - 8-10 oocytes: 6.700€. Test cycle and results consultation FREE
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Egg donation in Madrid

Egg donation is an assisted reproduction technique that can help you fulfill your dream of being a mother.

Your egg donation treatment in Madrid with the best quality

Every year, our IMF Easyfiv clinics in Madrid receive thousands of women with different infertility problems who need to undergo IVF with egg donation to fulfill their dream of becoming mothers.

Our clinic Fertility center in Madrid has the best medical team to help you on your path to motherhood. Thousands of couples have fulfilled their dream thanks to our specialists, who have more than 40 years of experience. In addition, we have our own laboratory fully equipped with the most cutting-edge medical equipment and material, in order to develop the best egg donation treatments in Madrid.

Our IMF Easyfiv Madrid clinics cover the entire Autonomous Community. from Madrid, so if you want to perform IVF treatment with egg donation, we are the best option. We guarantee excellent quality of care in all our fertility treatments.

Request your first free appointment without any obligation, from our assisted reproduction clinics we will be happy to help you fulfill your dream.

Egg donation in Barcelona

An opportunity to become a mother thanks to a fertility technique that uses eggs from young, healthy women.

Egg donation treatment in Barcelona with the best technology

At our IMF Easyfiv fertility clinic we offer egg donation treatments in Barcelona, ​​guaranteeing high success rates at the best price. In this way, we offer the opportunity to get pregnant to all patients with fertility problems.

Egg donation is an in vitro fertilization treatment in which the eggs of an anonymous donor with a good reputation are used. fertile health status. The selection of the donor is carried out by us, under very rigorous clinical criteria. In the egg donation treatment we follow the same steps as a classic IVF: we prepare the semen sample and with it we fertilize the donor's egg, which we will subsequently implant in the patient's uterus.

Thanks to technology of the latest generation available in our clinic, we are constantly developing new in vitro fertilization techniques. We can provide our patients with egg donation treatments in Barcelona with personalized, high-quality care.

Every day, many women come to our IMF Easyfiv clinics to undergo egg donation treatments in Barcelona, ​​trusting in our experience, closeness and commitment to fulfill their dream of being mothers.

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